The SDGs – global hope or grand monument?

The UN’s impressive Sustainable Development Goals may be a complete plan to save a planet – but, as nicely articulated as the project is, are its champions even talking about it right? And will the aims of the global goals ultimately remain only an historic testimony to grand hopes in a time of collapse, for one simple reason – they are missing a crucial goal.

The one that will activate all the others.


Music maker and creative Timo Peach, the bloke from Momo and the voice of Unsee The Future, helps make fresh sense of the best working story a generation may have to avert unprecidented human-planet disaster, by asking why most ‘ordinary’ humans haven’t even heard of it, and how to stop it becoming a beautiful gravestone to academic understanding of the 21st century’s problems.

His idiosyncratic podcast, subtitled: How to encourage the more hopeful human tomorrow, spent its first season traveling around the grand themes of the SDGs, in an attempt to understand how their combined aims might help ordinary all of us make sense of the world around us in a time of unprecidented shift and crisis. And in doing so he found a world not just of converging challenges but of opportunities – if we can find new ways to see it all. A personal journey that changed his own outlook and responses, and produced a unique, clear take on a baffling subject. Just when we need to be as clear as possible.

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