“Without emotional connection to something, people won’t feel it’s theirs. The challenge or the opportunity.”




I’m Timo Peach, a music artist and climate communicator. I bring a unique energy and format to facing the future in crisis.


I know what Iʼm talking about, but I will transform your experience of having to deal with big serious stuff, and how to plan for it.


I stand with environmentalists, but I think like an artist to help:


bring alive their world-saving data >

apply their world-changing creativity >

develop their strategic world-building leadership >


And I help:

feel like world makers on stage >




Training, developing, creating. Itʼs time to realise turning-point experiences that bring planet life-minded opportunities to life. Itʼs time to get a lot more effectively excited about crisis and change.


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The two challenges to face:

Forward-looking organisations and business are, I believe, facing two problems. Climate and global crises are bringing enormous change, offering remarkable opportunities as well as vulnerability to transforming markets – the green revolution is an unfolding explosion of innovation and social transition to make sense of.

But futuring to manage risk can be dry, complex or thin on cultural context. Environmental Social Governance responsibility especially is often constrained to considering the content, the numbers, the data of the issues – and not the theatre of bringing alive their possibilities. Engineering without storytelling.

This is where I and my partners can transform your game.


The value Momo adds:

Momo:zo helps organisations raise their profile on environmental and social issues and empower people to take action – by lighting up the story they’re hearing. Through Creative Personal Development training for leaders and their people, and though consultancy, facilitation or coaching, we help you create turning point experiences with your audience and get a practical handle on the narrative structure and stagecraft of connecting with them – at personal, event, campaign or brand level.

Championing culture change can feel like a complex, uphill responsibility, but I can transform the energy of facing future scenarios and planet problems, and put some some vital creativity and sensemaking into the experience of your next event, initiative, data publish or key meeting. By helping you tell the story of it way better.

All to help you make much more effective emotional impact.