“Without emotional connection to something, people won’t feel it’s theirs. The challenge or the opportunity.”




The two challenges you’re facing:

Organisations and business are, we believe, facing two problems. The Climate Crisis is bringing enormous change beyond the distruptions of Covid and companies haven’t been getting ready fast enough. This means missing the remarkable opportunities emerging now as much as being vulnerable to transforming markets – the green revolution is an unfolding explosion of innovation and social transition. Which environmental champions go to work to encourage.

But the second problem is that sustainability consultancy is often constrained to considering the content, the numbers, the data of the issues – and not the theatre of delivering them and their possibilities. Engineering without storytelling.

This is where we can transform your game.



The value Momo adds:

Momo:zo helps organisations raise their profile on environmental and social issues and empower people to take action – by lighting up the story they’re hearing. Championing culture change can feel like a complex, uphill responsibility, but Momo can put some some vital creativity and sensemaking into the experience of your next event, initiative, data publish or key meeting. By helping you tell the story of it way better.

Through consultancy, facilitation or coaching, we help you create turning point experiences with your audience and get a practical handle on the narrative structure and stagecraft of connecting with them – at personal, event, campaign or brand level.

All to help you make much more effective emotional impact.


We do this through:

Storytelling – creating wow experiences.

Theatre – facilitating events and speakers.

Design – developing brands.

Thinking – making sense of ideas.


We offer this to:

Sustainability consultants >

Corporate sustainability leads >

Advertising agencies >

Business getting more sustainable >


We apply the same principles to all levels of storytelling – personal, event, campaign and brand – and at all levels, with all our clients, we start by simply working through three perspectives of creative development:

1: First, we understand your story.

We want to reflect who you are – listening to the opportunity you want to meet, identifying the values, people and resources in play where you are and co-writing the best narrative brief for Momo to help you test. Essential internal positioning.

2: Then, we understand your community’s story.

We want to reflect who you are trying to connect with – listening to the voices of your audience, evidencing the language, motivations and culture in play where they are and outlining a sense of how they might receive your ideas of change. Essential market analysis.

3: Finally, we help you tell it so they’ll want to be part of it.

We want to work up creative possibilities that reflect the world space you share with your audience – co-creating with all the stakeholders, gatekeepers and insight champions that together effectively deliver change.


In all things social impact, it is community that you are really trying to encourage – so testing and developing a new story of sustainability with them is essential to living it out together. And moments of effective great theatre can unlock that vital process.

We’d love to help you create that experience.

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Data scientists and biz leaders thinking like artists? Here’s the sense in it.

As Creative Director of Momo:zo, I’m Timo Peach, an artist and social impact host. And I want you to help your people feel more excited about engaging with crisis and transition. I believe to be transformationally effective, we need to learn from artists about how to become sensemakers. Create experiences that interface people with new ways of seeing – and the emotional impact of the possibilities. We used to think creative agencies were just creative allies, but today I believe they can be first advocates for new futures, and art can unseize ways of working far beyond the gallery or the theatre stage.

There’s a book in it, of course, but my work as a designer, writer and creative alongside brands and business has always been informed and empowered by my experiences as a performer and musical storyteller. The crises of our times have only brought together these perspectives even closer.

If the challenges of the twenty-first century human planet are cultural, then what we most need is new ways of seeing, truthful testimony, new stories of us, emotionally connective experiences. To say nothing of resilient practices of creative trial and error. All these are the daily work of the artist. And the world is gasping for it to be deployed across corporate, government and scientific thinking.

To be a little methodical, you could identify the:

Problem: Social impact crises upon business.
Process: Design thinking and sensemaking.
Method: Effective theatre and storytelling.
Output: Emotional impact and a new business energy.

We would love to get on the phone with you and start listening to your vision of the possibilities.


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