Storytelling to the crowd? Here’s a glimpse at years of Momo’s personal research, international event production and live hosting expertise.



Timo Peach is a creative storyteller, specialist host and sensemaker, drawing on a lifetime of work as a music artist, performer, designer, writer and broadcaster. With a foot in the world of business and one in the world of art, his motivation comes from his values – and has produced a richly broad creative experience.


Why engage Momo with your next event? Because I understand what’s required first hand from a number of key angles at once.

A musical storyteller and performer for as long a designer and writer, I’m used to making emotional connections – and helping others do so. My personal passion as an artist and creative business bloke is to connect more of us to the possibilities found in the changes being demanded of us in the 21st century.

As environmental and social impact writer, and the voice of research cast Unsee The Future … 

I’ve taken time to look at the core framework of the Sustainable Development Goals in some depth, and from a creative new angle. Making connections between the issues and interviewing people engaging with sustainability challenges. It’s a rich curriculum of themes that make up the human planet’s challenges and an ongoing passionate exploration for me. As co-host of The Global Goals Music Roadshow with US Young Leader to the UN AY Young, I also meet changemakers from different countries every week, listening to their experiences and helping to connect the dots of making real social impact.

As creative director and brand designer…

I’ve helped to bring to life numerous events for businesses around the world, bringing brand development and story campaigns and event management to summits and experiences in the Middle East, Africa, the Far East, the US and Europe, for science foundations, corporates and CSR initiatives. Joining and forming teams of logistics people, film makers and sector speakers, I know what it takes to design and plan a show campaign, and what it takes to make it happen when the big day arrives. I’ve found pivoting to digital experiences natural, bringing the eye of a designer and brand storyteller to screens and audiences.

As performer and host…

I’m used to being on stage, and making everyone feel comfortable – guests, audience, fellow professionals and nervous newcomers to the spotlight. I’ve hosted events of all kinds – for large international corporate shows like Hexagon MI’s Global Kick-Offs – on stage and online – for musical events like Jazz By The Sea Festival, for boutique industry conferences, like the CMI Music Conference, for charity galas, like the young people’s Rockstar Awards, or interviewing specialists in industry celebrations, like Short Sounds film festival. I was also lucky enough to be a Meetdraw Butcher for years, forming teams to plan many of the digital industry in the the South’s leading creative networking events during it’s ten colourful years.

Plus, of course, as both a speaker and as a music performer with The Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra, keeping attention and connecting with an audience is second nature to me.

Whatever event you have in mind coming up, let me lift the burden from you about delivering it.

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Artist and performer? Here’s a link to Momo:tempo.

Art lead me to look at the world differently, and its methodology powers all my work. Art for me is music, and I make sense of the world partly by exploring the world through adventurous musical storytelling. A lifetime of play that not only fed my curiosity but taught me deeper narrative thinking from the perspective of a composer – and helped me appreciate that all design is theatre.

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