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Our sensemaking

Beats working – can future tech learn a lot from how music is wired?


Is there a corner of the technology sector that has been taking everyone else to school without sounding off about it?




This Easter weekend don’t feel bad about sugar. It’s been nature’s honey trap for millions of years – it’s exactly how the bees do it, tempted in with sweet sweet nectar to fill their boots…

If storytelling is how we change the world, why aren’t you plotting?


I may have been wanging on about needing “new stories of us” for years, but even I haven’t been practicing what I preach and doodling secret scifi in a Black & Red. So it’s interesting how many projects have been launched this year that are literally calling contributors to articulate different worlds. What IS really in your furtive fiction…

Artists may push the boundaries, but it’s rarely a big leap into the void – and that’s how anyone can make change.


Why think like an artist during times of crisis? One fundamental good habit you could copy is to embody your practice – one daily, testing nudge at a time.


Lastnight’s Global Goals Music Roadshow had, as ever, many nuggets of wisdom from our guests, all of who have some interest in or idea they’re testing to…

Crypto art awks: Is real sustainability a creative life of openly correcting your cock-ups?


Artistic gestures help us feel nice, but transforming the world will take inventive agility as a way of life, whoever we are. That and getting over your eco shames fast to share your workings out.


Images: Motif 999, Pointcloud (Venice), Pointcloud (Trang): recent CryptoArt releases by Joanie Lemercier.

It is, this week, 31 years since Tim Berners Lee proposed a little…