If you represent a social impact business or not-for-profit organisation or research specialism, Momo can help you connect your story to your audience with more creative impact.


Whoever you need to influence to act, Momo:zo aims to encourage your confidence of voice and vision. Telling your story with emotional impact and flare is vital if you want to affect change – helping people connect with you, but crucially with the possibilites you’re trying to help them see in your work. Historic times of crisis and transition might offer incredible opportunities to refresh resilience and purpose, finding new ways of seeing the problems – but you might be feeling stuck about how to move into this beyond your current remit.

For screen, for stage, for documentation, for social, for whatever platform, Momo can help you script, design and creatively deliver a story through to a key social impact event, or simply lighten your burden of live delivery by hosting it for you with passion and knowledge. We can assemble entertaining interviews, panels with specialists and practice development in workshops, or empower experts and leaders with the benefits of thinking a bit more like artists and storytellers.

Momo can help you get your story straight – tell it way better – and create more memorable moments of inspiration that change the course of your work.

Ready for new creative energy to be a sustainability leader? Here’s how we make a difference.


Getting the words, images, media formats and brand collateral up together is always a job, but we can help you start in the right place – with understanding the story your audience will recieve. A vital bit of first development to help your insights land. And it’s true at any scale of moment you’re trying to create:


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