If you represent science, a research specialism or a social impact business, Momo can help your story land much more effectively.


Whoever you need to influence to act, Momo:zo aims to encourage your confidence of voice and vision. Telling your story with emotional impact and flare is vital if you want to affect change – helping people connect with the possibilites you see and feel with your expertise.

As high as the stakes are, it’s common to feel stuck or a bit alone in trying to move responses up a gear with the colleagues or partners you’re working with. But you’re not alone, you can have Momo beside you.

We can help you get your story straight – tell it way better – and create more memorable moments of inspiration that change the course of your work.


Ready for a soul boost as a sustainability leader? Here’s how we make a difference.


All data is emotional, yet we imagine it speaks objectively – and wonder why it doesn’t land. Even when it’s shocking.

You’re not going to help anyone change anything if they don’t feel some of themselves in the truth of it, or feel inspired by the alternatives. Risk may need to be managed and ESG targets might be useful technical obligations but cold data only gets the deep specialist hot under the collar – your job is to excite some passionate response.

This is essential storytelling work. The vital part of your job that we can really help you with.



Getting the words, images, media formats and brand collateral up together is always a job, but it’s not about the media – it’s about the experience you’re inviting people into. And that’s true at any scale of moment you’re making – one-to-one, event, campaign or brand development level.

Core story development

For screen, for stage, for documentation, for social, for whatever platform, Momo can help you script, design and creatively deliver a story through to a key social impact event. It’s one thing to know what facts you are trying to deliver, or responses you are trying to engage, but it’s another to connect to people emotionally with them. Our expertise covers the essentials of structuring a message and setting up the theatre of it across the senses.

Broadcasting and audience building

Exploring the implications of data is a significant part of bringing it alive. We can assemble entertaining interviews, panels with specialists and practice development in immersive workshops. We can help you develop podcast formats and content for sharing across a campaign. And, of course, we can simply lighten your burden of live delivery by hosting it for you with passion and knowledge.

Advocacy and leadership engagement

Diplomacy and negotiation are the reality of delivering change in corporate environments. We can help empower experts and leaders with the benefits of thinking a bit more like artists and storytellers, acting as creative critical friends to give new dimension to your responsibilities that regular partnerships can grow used to – it can take a relevant outsider to remind people of the value of their own family.





We’ve enabled lots of people to simply feel more heard in facing planetary crisis – and learned that it starts where you really are. Experts with rich data have a load to bear to people not always ready to hear it, while those living far away from research and specialisms can feel unsure how to begin to speak about their everyday concerns. Yet everyone cares for something.
A favourite example is our work with The Battery Tour and The Global Goals Music Roadshow.
Music artist AY young invited us to partner with him in developing a visual podcast that would bring together change makers from around the world in a much more relaxed and playful tone, to highlight his work championing sustainability with creativity, and to help them “plug in their passion”, to affect a part of the global story they already feel personally connected to. The format always entertained but also frequently moved guests with a deeper sense of encouragement and connection.

“Momo has helped to keep my soul and spirit super powered up.”

AY Young, Battery Tour founder



We’re not information poor or lost for solutions to environmental crisis. What we need is storytellers who can bring alive new worlds of opportunity – to help people in business feel they can start exploring them.


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