If you want your brand to be more environmentally relevant and fit for changing futures, we can help you make sense of where to start – and how to take your people with you.


It might be risk management keeping you up at night, or new ESG metrics causing you headaches. There are many changes and costs looming for business across the world, but the opportunities in your sector might be hiding behind technical obligations. New compliance issues to offset carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency or adapting what you do to strengthen supply chain resilience, the impacts of climate change and evolving markets are also bringing possibities you may not realise you’ve been waiting for.

Those possibilities need bringing alive in the imagination.

Whether you have barely begun to consider your future in transition or are very accustomed to the language and are even considering B-Corp status, Momo can help you clarify and articulate your strategy so that your people get it. Including you.



Brand encouragement in crisis?
Here’s how we make a difference.

Why could a business do with an injection of effective theatre? Big change can start small. You may be just wanting a little help presenting the very first ideas of sustainability or you may be ready for a clear positioning exercise to get your team as resilient as possible, pointing in a new direction. We can help you with all these scales of storytelling:



We offer creative critical strategy, to help you be readier, sooner.

From thought starting about climate, politics, automation and how to turn your work to something with a new chapter of purpose, to breaking down the process with some design thinking. We help you make better contextual sense of global challenges, right where you are locally, understanding frameworks, like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, to encourage human values and culture change.

We help you develop new frameworks of response.

As part of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners, we’re part of a global network of people out in the field. So if you’re currently wondering where to even start finding the language for it, or what your new goals could look like, we can connect you to expertise – but we’ll help you approach it with a new sense of creativity. Using methodology from art, we will help you understand the story you feel you are in, and encourage you and your people with the tools and outlooks to write a whole new chapter.

We put theatre and knowledge into hosting your deadline event. 

You can start the impact simply but effectively, by having the voice of Unsee The Future and co-host of The Global Goals Music Roadshow inject life, passion and informed playfulness to your corporate gathering around transformation and ESG. Thread together the story properly, in the planning and the live experience.

We bring a wider perspective to your table.

For us, it’s about casting a new light upon mindsets, behaviours, habits – the stuff brands are built on. As well as life systems. And a key influence in reshaping culture is one particular first principle – asking a better mix of people to see it. We can help you get different voices into your usual room, to diffuse the echo chamber.


“We want to help business leaders find help and inspiration to make clearer sense of why they still want to be in business in an age of radical shifts – and what kind of business.”

What is the thing you most wish you could tell people about? Tell us. 
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Rogue Futures Initiatives:
The event that comes to you.

One way we can help change your narrative is with the Rogue Futures Initiatives – an evolving creative project that brings a transformative event experience to you.

“It’s not risk that keeps you up at night – it’s uncertainty.”

Typical of this is our Scenario Analysis Studios which essentially teaches your team how to future. We do this by combining three crucial expertise perspectives that together take your team beyond bamboozling graphs into stronger understandings of context and real insights of methodology. All delivered with a unique sense of storytelling that will help to change the way you think and feel about the challenges on the table.

All to help you get the brief right in the first place, and begin a new chapter for your key people to explore it.


Why might you even approach re-positioning aspects of your brand? There are many reasons get transformational right now. This little Expo article explores some ideas of how businesses are starting to square up to transition:



 We’ve taken clients to space camp with brand values development campaigns and we’ve devised and hosted corporate events and activities around the world in all sorts of locations – but the key is engagement. And that’s dependent on the nature of the experience.

A perfect example of a simple way into changing the experience we delivered far away from executive function rooms and it was our guest lecture for Kingston School of Art’s media studies course.

Lecturer and creative partner Rina invited us to bring a live edition of Unsee The Future to the classroom, to contextualise the Sustainable Development Goals in an online show format just for them, where they became both the guests and the researchers, learning together and co-creating a different story of understanding global frameworks for response.

 “Momo brings alive difficult topics with great branded theatre, helping me to demonstrate the possibilities of engaging with big cultural problems.

Rina Atienza, cultural historian and sense maker.

Engaging with change: There are many ways into making an impact.


In a Covid-transformed world, adaptibility is on everyone’s agenda, but there may be any number of reasons why you could do with creative critical thinking right now. Triggers for your business or your clients to take a fresh look at how they are doing things, that could be your way in to making a difference:

Wellbeing in the workplace and the place of business in society and planet – encouraging your people with a refreshed sense of context.

Measuring resources and energy transition – accounting for global challenges at local level.

Automation and innovation – understanding what your people really need beyond new tech jargon.

Circular planning and social enterprise – redefining what success as part of the human planet even is.

Human-centred problem solving – rediscovering first principles to see your challenges with new eyes.

Storytelling and creative development – articulating your more truthfully compelling tomorrow, to build a community around it.

Campaign and experience enhancement – turning kick-offs and workshops into real experiences.

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