Timo Peach co-hosts “the people’s show for changing the world” with fellow music artist AY Young, US Young Leader to the UN and creator of the remarkable Battery Tour.


AY and me, the bloke from Momo, host The Global Goals Music Roadshow to hear ordinary folk finding their voices about the human future. Each week, us two artists share different people’s stories to help you the viewer get energised to plug your passion into the possibilities of global transformation – to help write “the new stories of us”.

As guests share how they are becoming outlets for change, we also learn about AY’s upcoming sustainability projects following his remarkable Battery Tour, demonstrating how to run music shows on 100% solar and battery power.

We explore lots of different topics to connect with in this planetary time of crisis, to help you feel like you can take part in building a better future no matter what things may look like on usual channels. All to nurture a sustainable planet and see how different ideas could be supported by thinking in line with the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (17 SDGs).

Plus, the between the two of us, the show is gently nuts.

Every Thursday 13:00CET / 19:00BST
on AYYOUNG.COM supporting the Battery Tour

AY is developing his Global Goals album, 17, with the help of some big name artists and grassroots changemakers alike – 17 songs to represent 17 goals to give ordinary all of us voice about the shape of the human planet future.

“Support the tour, do one thing. Together, WE are the battery powering change.”

The Global Goals Music Roadshow is the beginnings of a media platform for sharing stories of people and organisations all trying out initiatives across the spectrum of the SDGs challenges, and it promotes the Battery Tour project AY and the team are developing. This includes:

1. ALBUM: collaborating with the biggest artists in the world to do a 17 song album. 1 song for each Sustainable Development Goal. Produced sustainably and powered by renewable energy.

2. TOUR: 17 dates around the USA in 2022 all powered 100% by renewable energy.

3. WORKSHOP & INDUSTRY GUIDEBOOK WITH THE UNITED NATIONS: Hosting a virtual workshop that will result in a guidebook that provides a roadmap for the entertainment industry on how to tour and record an album sustainably as well as to encourage an uptick in artists using their platform for good and instill in them the willingness to act and engage more frequently on social causes.



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