Changemakers know the challenge of communicating sustainability. Momo can help you make much better storytelling impact.


The future needs a new story. Many new stories of us. Momo is the creative production home of me, Timo Peach. I help social and environmental impact leaders reach new audiences and galvanise people to take action. Sustainability champions are called to be great storytellers, but having impact beyond the scary figures and demands is a daunting task.

So what if you could bring alive the way your audience sees sustainability?


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Transform your data, event, campaign or brand with more effective storytelling. What does this mean?

As an artist, performer, storyteller and designer I help people talk about difficult stuff with much more impact. I enable you think about the theatre, design and structure of the story you are trying to tell so that it really lands – so that your vital audience gets more excited about the possibilities you’re sharing.

Because excited people get out and change things.

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