What do sustainability champions most want, to make better emotional impact?

In this micro series of interviews, taken from a special episode of the research cast, I meet changemakers to listen to a few insights and ask them this question.

In an era of crisis and transition, what are social impact leads most wishing they could do where they are right now, to connect more people to the possibilities of a green revolution?

Every Monday for five weeks, I’m listening to different responses from people working in the field now, in a variety of roles around the world. Their testimonies are adding up to a real insight into making deeper connections with our partners and audiences and with the final episode we’ll also publish the full audio special combining their thoughts into a conclusion.


EP01: Jesse Rittenhouse

Here, the bloke from Momo talks with the Vice President of Strategy at sustainable buildings experts The Spinnaker Group, based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Find out more about The Spinnaker Group’s work at:
spinnakergroup.com >

EP02: Eller Everett

Here, the bloke from Momo talks with the Barcelona-based co-founder of social impact technology and design company Both Of Us Limited.

Find out more about Both Of Us’ work at:
bothofus.se >

EP03: Iain Groark

Here, the bloke from Momo talks with the Yorkshire-based independent sustainability consultant.

Find out more about IG Sustain’s work by connecting with Iain on Linked In >

EP04: Anna Frizzell

Here, the bloke from Momo talks with the Sustainability Manager of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, whose headquarters are in Dorset.

Find out more about The RNLI’s lifesaving work at

RNLI.com >