How we can help you find your voice.

It’s not crisis, it’s culture. We believe that the story we think we are in shapes the character we play. But in a fragmenting global context, demanding response, it can seem impossible to pull together a complete picture of any possible future. Any new story of us. Our job is to help you begin to see the alternatives.


Momo offers creative critical friendship, just when you most need it. So all Momo’s creative work starts with listening – to your story, and why you even want to do what you do. Then we begin to place your idea of it into a new context – develop new ways of seeing it, telling it, sharing it. Putting in the odd exciting twist.

From thought starting about climate, politics, automation and how to turn your work to something with a new chapter of purpose, to breaking down the process with some design thinking. We help you make better contextual sense of global challenges, right where you are locally, understanding frameworks, like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, to encourage human values and culture change.

“We can help you develop new frameworks of response, if you’re currently wondering where to even start finding the language for it, or what your new goals could look like.”

But we do it with a distinct sense of creativity and theatre. Helping you understand the story you feel you are in – and encouraging you with the tools and outlooks to write a whole new chapter. For us, it’s about appreciating mindsets, behaviours, habits – what brands are built on. And life systems. And a key influence in reshaping culture is one particular first principle – asking a better mix of people to see it. We can help you get different voices into your usual room, to diffuse the echo chamber.


“We want to help business leaders that are ready to make a first leap find help and inspiration, to make clearer sense of why they still want to be in business in an age of radical shifts. And what kind of business. We want to encourage how they can help build a richer, more hopeful, human-planet tomorrow.”


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Future making.

There may be any number of reasons why you could do with a creative critical friend right now. Challenges you are considering responsibility for, that could be a starting point for us to help:

Wellbeing in the workplace and the place of business in society – we can help encourage your people with a refreshed sense of context.

Automation and innovation – we can help you understand what you really need beyond the tech jargon.

Resource understanding and energy transition – we can help you get your head around the global challenges at local level.

Circular planning and social enterprise – we can help you redefine what success as part of the human planet even is.

Human-centred problem solving and first principles courage – we can help you get a bit of this and see your next challenges with new eyes.

Storytelling and creative development – we can help you articulate your more truthfully compelling tomorrow, to build more than an audience – a community.


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Nudge experiences.

A starting point we offer all clients facing change is a series of simple experiences with our team, lead by me, Timo Peach. Nudge talks, salons and workshops, to lubricate cultures with our outside perspectives, in a jolly entertaining format.


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Brand encouragement.

Words, pictures, platforms, experiences – they are all just creative tools to amplify your voice, where it needs to be heard more clearly. Working with a network of like-minded talents, across digital, film, events, spaces, talks and workshops, we can help articulate the next level of your story, exploring and enabling the next level of your strategy. Joining you for a stretch of your own journey as a critical friend, a consulting eye, a creative fixer, a connecting partner. Trying to work with people whose outlook we want to champion.

Where is your audience facing? Or your own team? Do those helping build your work every day have your vision and what are the implications of a new chapter for them? From presentational services to clients and to customers, to workshops with staff, we can help articulate and interrogate the ideas impacting everyone’s work.

What is the thing you most wish you could tell people about? Pop the kettle on and tell us.

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