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Disaster and Commander – should you be leading change like a maker, not a show-off?


All design may be theatre really, but does much good get done from noisily filling time in front of others? I’m exploring how thinking like an artist is the way to make sense, impact and a difference in an era of crisis – but one aspect of this caught me off guard this week.

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How is climate change putting pressure on business?


There’s no getting away from it. All economic, social and health challenges are ultimately framed within our relationship with the planet’s resources and there are many effects that increasing environmental crisis is having on human activity.


Some are more immediate, short term problems demanding attention from CFOs and Sustainability Managers, and some are longer term that also need preparing for….

A generation being called to wake up – but to what?


As Timo Peach is selected to support TEDx Southampton 2020, in a first little introduction to his talk he asks: How will the pandemic generation interpret – and be remembered for – it’s human to human contact?


A crisis will sort the grown-ups from the kids. It’s a generalism always intimated when you’re learning about yourself – you don’t know…

Drink up – the story we’re in just changed, mate.

Calling time on motion. For a time. Before we lose the plot. And control of the narrative.


From the cocoon of a car yesterday, I saw high street life that appeared unchanged, people filling Thursday evening pub street tables. To bed in a project I think could be significant, I slightly awkwardly agreed to a public meeting that…