“Without emotional connection to something, people won’t feel it’s theirs. The challenge or the opportunity.”


Organisations and business are, we believe, facing two problems. The Climate Crisis is bringing enormous change beyond the distruptions of Covid and companies haven’t been getting ready fast enough. This means missing the remarkable opportunities emerging now as much as being vulnerable to transforming markets – the green revolution is an unfolding explosion of innovation and social transition. Which environmental champions go to work to encourage.

But the second problem is that sustainability consultancy is often constrained to considering the content, the numbers, the data of the issues – and not the theatre of delivering them and their possibilities. Engineering without storytelling.

This is where we can transform your game.


New creative energy for sustainability leaders.

Whoever you need to influence to act, when people think about the climate emergency and the major problems facing business and society in the 2020s, they can distance it – and do nothing.  Momo:zo aims to encourage your confidence of voice and vision. Historic times of crisis and transition might offer incredible opportunities to refresh resilience and purpose, finding new ways of seeing the problems – but you might be feeling stuck about how to move into this beyond your current remit.

I want to help you get your story straight – tell it way better – and create more memorable moments of inspiration that change the course of your work.

I’m Timo Peach, an artist and social impact host. And I want you to help your people feel more excited about engaging with crisis and transition. I believe to be transformationally effective, we need to learn from artists about how to become sensemakers. Create experiences that interface people with new ways of seeing – and the emotional impact of the possibilities. We used to think creative agencies were just creative allies, but today I believe they can be first advocates for new futures, and art can unseize ways of working far beyond the gallery or the theatre stage.


Storytelling and design to help bring opportunities to life.

From simply hosting social impact events and experiences, to developing a whole creative strategy for a renewed ESG campaign or complete event management, I start with a first simple consultation – listening to your current story, and where you’d like it to go.

Then we consider the creative possibilities – including who should be in the room together, to plan how we start to see things differently. From the personal presentation to the more meaningful brand strategy – we help you help others join the dots.

We see the essential response we offer sustainability champions as this:

Problem: Climate change impacts.
Process: Design thinking.
Method: Good theatre and storytelling.
Output: Emotional impact and a new business energy.


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