Who we go to work.

When do we get there? And where is it, the future? Do you have a vision of it? The future in your work? For Momo founder Timo Peach, creative director, music maker and performer, shaping the future in an unprecidented age of challenges and opportunities happens in the landscapes between art and entreprenaurialism – design thinking. Shaping around a truer human life; not just aesthetic work, but zoetic.


A third movement of Momo, a third millenium of humankind – in which all the challenges of our collective choices seem to be converging back on us. Moving on from old terrain to new expressions of human-planet life, this terzo chapter of our own creative work is a response to an historic time of new perspectives, of challenging how we’ve been doing things across cultures – business, social, technical.

We think lots of us have incredible ideas brewing about how to respond to the new times taking shape around our lives and business – and we want to help foster courage and clarity to try inspiring new things. Whether an innovative start-up project looking to make a first impression, or an existing business looking for ways to embrace future markets, we all need an encouraging network and some critical friends.


Networked humanity.

Momo:zo draws on a network of creative partnerships and pulls together years of creative development experience with years of artistic exploration from its Creative Director and central character, Timo, in a dawning sense that the only work worth doing is that which helps us all make better, more healthy, more inspiring sense of the world around us now. How can we do that at work, at home, at play – and how do they t together? How can we connect the dots in our minds?

Momo aims to help. Let’s connect and just chat firstly – we’d love to meet and hear what you wish you could tell other people.

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System thinking.

In all our work we are exploring the principle that a more connected outlook is a more empowered one – that helping ordinary all of us quietly grasp a more conscious idea of how the problems and opportunities of now fit together actually enables better responses. Motivates some fresh thinking. More circular economics, sustainable ambitions.

In many areas of human life, disruption is coming. What will this mean for you – what will be the challenges to prepare for? And the opportunities? We can help you apply design thinking to your ideas, not simply “zoom-in” customer experience but “zoom-out” context and implications. To not simply connect with an audience but potenitally build a community.

How does awareness meet apriation? Relationship meet experience? Influence meet responsibility? How does creativity help empowerment? We want to help brands and start-ups ask the right questions, tell more interesting stories and find new ways to make connections across the human planet.

How do you wish you could shape the future? Is your own work established on sustainable goals, but you’d like encouragement to help your story connect with a wider audience? Or do you have early ideas for steering your business in a more consciously future-minded direction?

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