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An artist and performer for as long a designer and writer, Momo’s chief protagonist Timo Peach keeps his personal creative pilot light alive partly by exploring the world through music. A lifetime of play that not only fed his curiosity but helped him appreciate that all design is theatre – and lead him to look at the world differently.

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Music production project Momo:tempo is where you can explore some more personal artistic takes on the world from the bloke at the middle of Momo, discovering also how he’s made sense of musical creative commissions for screen, stage and gallery space.

It’s a strong belief that art is something for everyone to explore, not simply mythical creative superstars, that has fed out of Timo’s own artistic adventures back into his work with brand development projects. It was beginning to develop his latest personal project, The Shape of Things To Hum, that steered his wider work more consciously towards futurism issues, creating this third chapter of his working life as Momo combining art and business so consciously. Work that spawned the podcast Unsee The Future and a whole new outlook on how to encourage more hopefully human ways of seeing and doing everything.

Feel free to explore where Momo’s Creative Director finds his personal energies – momotempo.co.uk.

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