“I’ll have what she’s having.”




The challenge to face:

Online or on a podium, in a meeting or to a camera, public speaking is essential to changemaking. If no one else understands the issues better than you, who else will you turn to to articulate the possibilities? Momo can help you find much more confidence in your prep and practice of storytelling.

Momo’s chief protagonist is me, Timo Peach. With a creative career linking art and business thinking, I’m as used to being in front of the camera as behind it; as used to demonstrating confidence in presentation as encouraging best performances out of others. But as a performer and maker, I’m often asked: “How do you get up there and look so comfortable?”


The value Momo adds:

While I may say that theatre is in the blood for me, the work of developing a good story and delivering it well is really all about structure and practice, not magic. It’s designed. But it can feel like magic when an experience really lands for people. And no matter what context, that is what you’re trying to do when sharing anything – create an experience. I can help you do just that.

Whatever keynote or presentation you have to step up to deliver, I’ll help you feel more confident about it. I will help you break down the structure and tone of the story you’re trying to tell for the audience you’ll be facing, considering at how it looks, how it sounds and how to enjoy being you delivering it.

Together, we can help your key information make better emotional impact, and set you up to do much better up front work in the future.

The personal talk makeover pack:

x3 sessions, covering:

• story structure.

What is the essence of your message, and how does it align with what your specific audience needs to hear? What are potential hooks along the acts of your story?

• delivery confidence.

How do you feel about speaking and what do you really sound like? How can you add some cues to help folk feel your excitement about your message?

• design and experience.

When should you show images, or video or typography? How can you bring alive key data and what is the overall sensory memory people will take from your talk?

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A  little extra thinking:

It’s often been observed by speaking coaches and events managers I know that a litle hierarchy can creep into keynote writing. The more important you are in an organisation, the longer you feel you should speak for. But in the age of the Zoom meeting, you have to be more conscious than ever what value you are adding by speaking at all. What will your audience gain from what you have to say?

If it matters, you should say it so that it really reaches them.

The Anglican church may sound like a place of dreary speaking from the pullpit, but it’s long had a very sensible policy that preachers, teachers and speakers from all manner of other secular or religious groups could really learn from – you get 20 minutes. That’s it. Like a TED talk. If you can’t say it in that length of time, your sermon is wrong.

As Marcus John Henry Brown puts it: “That’s an episode of How I met your mother“. Think of all they cram in to that show in 20 minutes? I would say, now think of something even more quickfire like Brooklyn 99 or Modern Family – they’re a rapid fire gag fests with perhaps three stories happening at once and all done in under twenty. That\s the kind of efficiency you need to be thinking of, if you care about your message, or poor souls having to listen to you.

But how can you all at once keep things much simpler up there, yet communicate something more relaxed? I can help you begin to enjoy the emotional connectivity of theatre thinking and help you give yourself permission to be distruptive. To yourself as much as your audience.

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