If you have to help your client get their environmental story straight, we can speak your language – and theirs.


Agencies work at the intersection of art and business – a space of making change.

In an era of crisis and transformation, this is how to inspire new clients and new talent alike.

I can help you pitch into that space with visionary confidence.





We’ve helped brands develop for locals and internationals, specialists and events over two decades – and re-learned that all design is theatre really. Not only understanding the story that clients think they’re in, and the people making up their market, but creating experiences that reconnect them to emotional truth and wider planetary context can be liberating. And that work feels like much more than just another job.
A great example is our work with Carswell Gould for international engineering software business Hexagon MI.
We were invited in to help develop the sustainability story for a global kick-off event, including hosting the physical show in Madrid. We went on to develop online and hybrid experiences for them and expand the brand’s values into specific technical stories. Ed at CG is a natural creative partner for working up more entertaining and human experiences while helping to carry corporate concerns through global cultural change.


“Momo helped to bring alive the new story we were developing – a clear understanding of the planet issues, a creative grasp of the client’s world and a real flare for humanising it all, online or on stage. Everyone just loved the energy of these events.”

Ed Gould, Carswell Gould




Futures advocacy: an extra thought for agency owners.

By Timo Peach.


“They’re looking to us for answers,” said Mary Keane Dawson to me, just a couple of years ago.

The adland legend meant senior clients and business leaders, looking to agency creatives to help them lead through the epic uncertainty of an environmental and economic landscape undergoing fundamental changes.

And it’s no bad thinking. A good agency is, I’ve always thought, as much a strategy partner as a storytelling one – the creative process should inevitably ask big questions of any business and its intended community. Storytelling has one central job: To reflect emotional truth, then do something interesting with it.

In the era of permacrisis, polycrisis, bio-collapse, emerging ecocide, especially post-Covid, it seems fatuous to still talk about improving experiences without enabling strong principles underpinning them. Many ad agency leaders are versed enough in trends of purpose and wellbeing at work, as well as being used to much language of futuring. All while their kids, like their clients’ kids, are bringing home stories of environmental despair to pin on their fridges.

Yet advertising as a sector is still, it seems, habitually stuck on old biz frameworks for everything, including cultural inputs far narrower than creative directors can admit and a wholesale acceptance that futurism equals tech.

How missed is the opportunity for advertising and creative agencies to change the world here? It is the place where art and business intersect; ad makers are the translators and intercessors of story. Just when the world needs new stories of us.

If agencies have earned the trust of their clients and partners, who else to help them become leaders of change? Change that people, animals, plants and a whole planet are crying out for.

It’s a big ask, to have boundaries in business, with mouths to feed. But healthy relationships of every kind need them. And if clients have let you in to work with them, you owe it to them as much as the rest of us to try to inspire them with your creative thinking.

This is something I want to help you succeed in.

And success in changing the world can start surprisingly small.

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Want to offer creative direction that can transform the era of crisis? Here’s how we make a difference.


More clients are turning to agencies for help with developing brands fit for climate and social impact, and it’s not a waning trend. Senior creative partners are often off-the-record confidantes for senior business leaders looking for insights to inform strategies as far-reaching and unknown as adapting to climate breakdown and market changes that will demand more than just more tech.

If you want to feel more confident about just what you can offer them, there are three ways we can help you:



Creative story development

Everything starts with the copy – and that requires confidence in specialist knowledge. Getting the facts straight on ESG or SDGs like you live it, being able to place futurism trends and green technology alike into real sustainable context and being able to bring alive some overwhelming-seeming concepts so that people who aren’t specialists feel they can engage with them. We can join your regular studio crew to simply help them start well, bringing reassuring knowledge to the creative process and to meetings with the client.

Campaign team leadership

Sometimes you need someone to take project oversight off your hands – and that requires a lot of trust in creative direction. Keeping a team’s workflow on track, developing credible ideas on brand and feeding them into all the right deliveries for a total impact. And all while keep clients feeling connected and confident. We can plan for a period of focussed work with the planet awareness already baked into our leadership, all operated by years of experience thinking like designers, storytellers and agencies.

Event facilitation

The product might not be a campaign but an event – and that requires an end-to-end understanding of theatre. Planning, timing, practice and inspiring emotional truth. Events are a huge responsibility of many very different moving parts leading up to the live date but all riding on the sense of engagement, inspiration and joy the end experience engenders. We can help you build everything tightly from the same story and deliver it live with infectious humanity on the stage or digital platform.

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